Custom fields for ideas

Custom fields help you ensure that submitted ideas include key information. Your custom fields may represent data elements related to use cases, financial information, or key expectations from the requestor. Custom fields can also help you document internal-facing data elements that are key to your idea management process.

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Add custom fields to an ideas layout

After you have created a custom field, you need to add it to a custom layout so it will appear on the submitted idea. To create a custom field or a custom layout, you will need to be an administrator with customization permissions. To apply a custom layout to a workspace, you will need to be an owner for that workspace. 

To add custom fields to an ideas layout:

  1. Navigate to Settings ⚙️> Account > Custom layouts.
  2. Choose from one of these custom layout options:
    • Ideas: When users in your Aha! account want to submit an idea internally, outside of your ideas portal, they use the Ideas record layout. Only users in your Aha! account can create, see, or edit these ideas. This layout is useful for ideas that apply to parts of your roadmap that aren't yet publicly visible. 
    • Ideas forms: When people submit a new idea through an ideas portal submission form, they use the Ideas form record layout. 
    • Ideas portals: When people view a submitted idea on your ideas portal, they use the Ideas portal record layout.
    • Ideas portal proxy votes layout adjusts what portal users see when they add a proxy vote on an ideas portal. 
    • Ideas proxy votes layout adjusts what users in Aha! see when they add a proxy vote internally. This form gives you the option to include fields that you might not want available to an external audience. 
  3. Click Add custom layout.
  4. Create a custom layout that uses the custom fields that you set up on your Settings ⚙️> Account > Custom fields page.
  5. Apply the layouts to workspaces and parent lines through Settings ⚙️> Workspace (or Parent Line).


Require custom fields

When you add custom fields to ideas, you have the option to set them up as Required. If you do this, then users cannot create the idea without providing a value for your custom field. 

This is an excellent way to ensure that submitted ideas include vital information. Be sure to select the appropriate ideas record layout when you mark your custom field required — remember, Ideas forms apply to ideas submitted through your portal, and Ideas apply to ideas created within your Aha! account. 


Manage submitted ideas

As you review ideas, you may opt to move an idea from one workspace to another. Custom fields will copy over if the same custom field definition is inherited from a parent line or if it exists in both workspace with the same key name, type, and value option.

Once you add custom fields to your ideas, you should also consider adding a matching custom field to your features. That way, the information will automatically transfer to the feature if the idea is promoted.

Certain field types have different behaviors when applied to the Ideas form layout and are used to create or update records in the ideas portal:

  • Editable fields and Tags fields: Portal users can choose from existing values but cannot create new values.
  • Scorecard fields, Relationship fields, and Custom relationship field types: These field types are not supported for display on the ideas portal.


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