Customize your menu navigation

Customizable menu navigation helps your team focus on the areas of functionality which are the most important for each product. By default, your Aha! product inherits its menu navigation from the product line above it, and certain elements are disabled at first. At some point, you may need to customize your product's menu navigation to meet the needs of your team. 

Customize your menu navigation

You can customize the navigation for any product where you have product owner permissions assigned (you can adjust user permissions in Settings > Account > Users).

To customize your navigation, move your mouse to the top of your screen and look for the pencil icon next to your profile image. Click the pencil icon to begin customizing your menu navigation.


You can inherit your product's navigation settings from a product line, or you can select Customize navigation to change the layout for your currently selected product. Check or uncheck boxes to add or remove specific elements of your product's navigation, then click Update at the bottom when you are finished. 

The navigation that you choose will be presented to all users of the product. You can choose different layouts per product or product line or set a customized product line to be inherited to all products and product lines beneath it.

Note: By default, the Ideas section is disabled. The Ideas section is automatically enabled by product as you create ideas portals.


Select the Use navigation inherited from [product line] radio button to have your product line or product inherit the custom navigation from the product line above them in the product hierarchy

Note: You can also customize terminology so that your team can work with terms and concepts that are familiar to your organization.

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