Customize your menu navigation

The custom navigation option gives teams the flexibility to enable or disable top level or secondary level navigation items across Aha! This allows teams to stay focused on the areas of functionality that are most important to them -- and teams can always re-enable areas in the future as their needs expand.

Customizing your navigation is done in your product settings. Simply navigate to Settings -> Product -> Navigation, select Customize navigation and choose which Aha! screens you would like to be visible.

The layout that you choose will be presented to all users of the product. You can choose different layouts per product or product line and set a customized product line to be inherited to all products and product lines beneath it.

Navigation customizations are inherited from the parent product line. This terminology can also be customized further on a per product basis.

Note: By default in Aha!, every screen except Features -> Workflow and the entire Ideas section are enabled. The Ideas section automatically enables per product as you create ideas portals.


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