Prioritize and track strategic initiatives

Most companies have a long list of initiatives that they want to work on, but they do not have a good way of identifying which strategic initiatives are most important in reaching the overall vision and goals.

Strategic initiatives are what bridges your strategic vision to the reality of your roadmap. Through a formulaic approach, you can feel confident that your roadmap will include the most important initiatives which will enable you to reach your key business goals.

How it works

Prioritizing initiatives starts with an Aha! scorecard. Create a scorecard under Settings > Account > Configure scorecards. You need to be an administrator in Aha! to create a scorecard. 

Your initiative scorecard will be made up of metrics. Each metric should reflect some aspect of your strategy to ensure you can use it to objectively measure its value.


Next, add a custom scorecard field to initiatives to use your newly created scorecard. The custom field configuration is in Settings > Account > Custom fields. You need to be a product owner in Aha! to do this.

You can add custom fields at either the product or product line levels. If you add custom fields for a product line, all of its child product lines and products will inherit its custom fields by default (though you can choose to customize this for each product or product line). This can save you a ton of time by enabling you to create custom fields once and have them used by many products.


With the scorecard added, you can score your various initiatives to capture how they measure up against your different metrics. You can then use the reports tools in Aha! to analyze the scoring information and the roadmap tools to visualize it.

Prioritize your key initiatives
You can use the Roadmaps > List view to analyze scores across each initiative to help make decisions on how to best prioritize your strategic initiatives. This allows you to have a detailed view for tradeoffs between each strategic initiative.


Visualize your strategic roadmap

After the priorities are clear, create a strategy roadmap based on initiative scores. This allows you to reflect the timing of each of the prioritized initiatives and ensures that the entire team is moving fluidly in the right direction.

You can use the view options and filter controls to select only the initiatives you wish to communicate to ensure the team are focused on what matters most.


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