User email matches, but assignee or reporter is not properly set in Jira

Whenever you run into an issue where an assignee is set in Aha! but does not properly get set in Jira, the first thing you should check is that the email addresses are matches.

The Jira API relies on an email address map when setting users, either as an issue assignee or the issue reporter. The assignee or reporter fields must be on the Create issue and Edit issue screens for Aha! to actually write these values.

Note: The integration will use the user's full name if Jira is configured to not show email addresses.

Email address matching is what causes the majority of problems here, however, sometimes the email addresses do match but the reporter or assignee fields still do not set.

If this is the case, you want to verify that the user the Jira integration is configured to run as actually has permissions to browse users in Jira.

A user can be configured in Jira and have the permission to browse other users left off, that will then cause the integration to fail in properly setting the assignee or reporter since the user does not actually have any type of visibility into who the other users are in the Jira account.

You can test this by simply logging into Jira as the integration user and trying to assign a feature to the user in question. Or you can run a simple API call in your browser:

  1. While logged into Jira as the integration user, paste the above into your browser window.
  2. Replace the "" part with your Jira domain for either Cloud or Server implementations.
  3. Replace the with the email address of the user you are trying to assign the issue to.
  4. Hit enter - if your integration user has proper access it should generate a positive result listing out the information on the user in question.

There is one final Jira configuration that can lead to assignee not working even with correct email addresses. 

You may have a situation where the user/picker?query command returns nothing for your email but does successfully return if you use your username instead. In this situation, you may have a Jira account configuration setup where email addresses are hidden.

This is a setting under System > General configuration:

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