Coordinate release activities with to-dos

Well managed releases depend on efficient team collaboration. The Aha! Release -> Overview view allows teams to plan the different phases and milestones to manage each release. Phases and milestones are meant to manage the success of the release, not the feature workflow.

Cross-functional teams are typically created to manage aspects that fall outside the product manager's domain but are critical to successful release launches. A great way to capture their work is by assigning to-dos for each release phase or milestone. To-dos are light weight tasks that help you manage the release. For example, a marketing team will be responsible for creating blog posts and tweeting out the launch of new features. This work is planned and tracked inside of Aha!, but executed outside of Aha! 


As each to-do is completed, members of the cross functional team can mark their to-dos as done. As to-dos are completed, a progress bar will appear for phases. Once all to-dos are completed, a checkmark will appear next to the phases name. 

If you do not have any to-dos associated with a phase or milestone but wish to mark it as completed, then add a to-do such as "Phase complete".  Upon marking the to-do as done, the phase or milestone will now be marked as completed. 


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