Strategy roadmap

Strategic initiatives connect your vision to the work that will make your goals a reality. The strategy roadmap highlights the timing around your strategic initiatives, and is particularly useful if you are doing top-down planning and looking out over a year or more. 

In this article, we've focused on a product management use case, but of course product managers are not the only professionals focused on strategy. Strategic initiatives inform every activity a marketing team commits to, and if your team focuses primarily on multiple projects or services, strategic initiatives unite your work under one strategic direction.

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Add initiatives to your roadmap

If you already have initiatives defined in Aha!, the strategy roadmap will automatically populate with all of the initiatives that have been defined for the product you are navigated to.

You can click the Initiatives name filter to add additional initiatives to the view from across your various products. You can also quickly add new initiatives by clicking the + Add initiative button that appears in blue at the bottom of your list of initiatives as shown in the screenshot above.


Define the dates of your initiatives

With your initiatives added to the roadmap, you can then manipulate their dates by dragging them left or right. Clicking on the start or end of an initiative will also allow you to extend or shorten the duration. By default, the duration of an initiative is determined by the start date and end date of the product releases associated with an initiative. Editing the initiative on the roadmap view will override this default and allow the initiative to have time ranges defined outside of the release schedule.


Customize your roadmap

You can control how your initiatives are showcased by clicking the Customize view dropdown on the roadmap.

  • Hide weekends: This option will allow you to focus the roadmap on the Monday-Friday business week and hide Saturday and Sunday from the roadmap view.
  • Show goals: Allows you to add goals to your strategic roadmap and visualize how your initiatives and goals are connected. Each goal will be displayed to the right of the initiative that is associated with it.
  • No coloration for bars: This option sets the view to the default color scheme where the initiatives all appear as purple bars.
  • Color bars by initiative color: This option allows you to manually define the bar colors by editing the color of the initiative itself. There are 40 preset options for colors or use any custom color using its hex color code.
  • Color bars by status: This allows the initiatives to be color-coded by status so you can easily visualize the status of your initiatives across your entire portfolio and identify what is on track and what might be slipping behind.

Display the time period of your choice by specifying the timeline Start and End dates for the display along with the desired time scale of days, weeks, months, or quarters.


Share your roadmap

With your strategy roadmap completed, you can easily share it with your stakeholders by selecting one of the export options under the More options button on the top right of the screen. 

  • To fold your roadmap into a presentation, select Add to presentation. In your presentation you can select the roadmap's update frequency.
  • To invite people outside of your Aha! account to view your roadmap, select Share as webpage
  • For a static version of your roadmap, select Save as image or Save as PDF


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