Export and backup your data

We know how important it is to keep the Aha! service reliable, so we operate active-active from multiple, distributed data centers and maintain a real-time, streaming replica of all customer data on separate hardware. In addition, we maintain hourly backups in a geographically separate data center. Read more about our security and reliability in our "Security overview." 

What about when one of your users deletes a feature or release by mistake? In this instance, you may need to restore data that is specific to your account. We provide two options for backing up your data locally. The first is exporting data you've selected by saving to an Excel or CSV file. This is available in every account. The second option is an account backup and export. This is available to Enterprise+ customers. See pricing for more details. 

Save an Excel or CSV file

Almost all data in Aha! can be exported as an Excel or CSV file, allowing customers to easily backup their most important data. Simply open Roadmaps > List, select the data you wish to export through the Add data button, and then click the More options button to export the list as an Excel or CSV file.


Complete account backup
Enterprise+ only

A complete account backup allows the most diligent IT administrators to rest easily. Enterprise+ customers have the option to export a full JSON backup file of their Aha! environment to store themselves. This backup includes all strategy, releases, ideas, features, and comment data. It is intended to be used for IT administrators that have security policies requiring backups of all business applications. The option is located under Settings > Account > Complete account backup.



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