Build a business model

Your business model represents the foundational elements of your product. The business model builder in Aha! allows you to clearly articulate, develop, innovate, and pivot your business model — all on a single page. Use it to create your initial business model or perfect an existing one. It allows you to capture components such as your key objectives, customer challenges, and solutions.

Visually present your business model for your product or company and define how you will go-to-market. Once you've perfected it, you can easily share your business model with others through an Aha! Notebook.


How it works

The business model is located under Strategy > Business Model.

The column on the left hand side of the screen displays all the components of your business model. You can click Add component at the bottom left to add your own components or use the existing components and fill them in with your own data.

You can completely customize the layout of the business model by dragging and dropping the components. You can drag components to their own row as well as drag components on top of each other to stack multiple components together. Clicking on any component will open up a detail drawer where you can edit the details of the component, such as the name and description.

If you choose to hide a component on the business model, a Hidden components menu will appear at the top right of the page under the More options button. The Hidden components menu will allow you to add any hidden components back to the business model.


Recommended components

While some teams may wish to fully customize the business model to their specific needs, we also provide a template that includes our recommended components. These are based on our cumulative experience building products and software companies.

  • Description: Basic introduction to your business model
  • Key objectives: Top goals and how you measure them
  • Customer targets: Types of customers who purchase your solution
  • Customer challenges: Pain points of your customers
  • Our solution: Primary way that you solve your customer's challenges
  • Our value: Core elements of your solution that make it unique and differentiated
  • Our pricing: How you package your solution and what it will cost
  • Our messaging: Clear and compelling copy that explains why your solution is worth buying
  • Go-to-market: Strategy used to market and sell to your customers
  • Investment required: Costs needed to make the solution a success
  • Growth opportunity: Ways that you will grow the business

Share your business model

As with every visual in Aha!, you can share your business model with others by using the Export option in the top right corner to create a Notebook, image, or PDF.


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