Moving Aha! features to a new product broke the link to Jira issues

The integration between Aha! and JIRA is between an Aha! product and a JIRA project. Even if you have all of your Aha! products set up to integrate with projects in JIRA, moving Aha! features to another product will break the integration link. Consider that if you then send those features over to JIRA again, you will end up with duplicate JIRA issues. 

If you want to move Aha! features to another product, it's possible, but you'll need to consider that when you break the link to JIRA you have three options:

  1. Relink each feature manually (not available for requirements)
  2. Delete the JIRA issues and send the Aha! features over to JIRA again to recreate the link to new issues.
  3. Delete the Aha! features and import the issues from JIRA to Aha! to recreate the link to new features. 

Option 1 maintains all data in both systems, but is manual and best suited for a small volume of features. You can link them in the Actions menu for each feature. This will not link requirements. 

Option 2 will allow you to recreate the issues in JIRA in the correct versions with the click of a button. This is the easiest approach. 

Option 3 requires multiple imports from JIRA so that you end up with features grouped in the correct releases. If the features are currently being developed and it's important for developers to see all of the commenting back and forth, you may wish to keep the JIRA issues and reimport them. 

Note: Since features can contain requirements, these instructions apply to requirements as well.  

Option 2 - Keeping Aha! features and resending to JIRA:

  1. Move all of your features to the new product. This will break the link from Aha! features to JIRA issues. 
  2. Ensure there's an integration set up between the new product and the JIRA project of choice.
  3. Send all of your features from Aha! to JIRA. This will create new issues in JIRA.
  4. After checking they have been created as desired, delete or archive the old issues in JIRA.

Option 3 - Keeping JIRA issues and importing from JIRA.

  1. Create your new product in Aha! if it's not created already. 
  2. Ensure there is an integration between the Aha! product and JIRA project.
  3. Move all of your issues in JIRA to that new project (if necessary). 
  4. Import those issues from JIRA into Aha!. This process will create new features and requirements in Aha! 
  5. After checking the new Aha! features and requirements have been created as desired, delete the old features. If you want to "archive" them, you may bulk edit them to mark all as "will not implement", move them to a release and ship them so they are hidden. 

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