Jira warning: "Did not create new issue 'PROJECT_NAME-1234', no matching parent record found"

Aha! will create new records based on issues created in JIRA if the new JIRA issues are children of an issue created from Aha!. A couple of examples:

Initiative <-> Epic; Feature <-> Story; Requirement <-> Subtask mapping:

  • If you add a story to an epic that was created from Aha! a new feature will be added to Aha! for the story.
  • If you add a subtask to a user story or a task, a new requirement will be created in Aha!

Alternatively, new objects in Aha! will not be created if the issue in JIRA is not a child of a linked issue back to Aha! For example:

Initiative <-> Epic; Feature <-> Story; Requirement <-> Task

  • If you add a new task and use "relates to" to connect it to the user story, it will not be created in Aha! because tasks are not children of stories. 

These warnings are saying that a record was added in JIRA and *was not* created in Aha! because it wasn't a child of an issue linked to Aha!

These warnings can safely be ignored. If you wish issues to be automatically created in Aha! you may need to review your mappings and choose issue types in JIRA that allow for this. 

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