Understand session timeouts

A user can remain logged in to their Aha! account indefinitely without the server closing the client connection for inactivity as Aha! does not impose session timeout limits. If a session is terminated, it is likely the result of one of the following events: 

  • Accessing a different Aha! account from within the same browser window will terminate the prior session. Once another Aha! account domain, domain.aha.io, is entered either in the browser window or by clicking on a link, the current session will be terminated regardless of whether it is a valid or invalid account.  
  • Logging into two accounts with different email addresses (usernames) at once in different tabs of the same browser will log you out of the original session.
    • You can be logged in to two accounts at once with two different browsers (e.g. one in Chrome and the other in Firefox) or in an incognito session.
    • You can also have more than one Aha! account under the same email address and switch between them without logging out or back in. 
  • Sometimes it is a browser issue unrelated to Aha! Restarting the browser should address the problem and allow you to log back in. 

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