Understand session timeouts

A user can remain logged in to their Aha! account indefinitely without the server closing the client connection for inactivity as Aha! does not impose session timeout limits by default. If a session is terminated, it is likely the result of one of the following events: 

  • Logging into two accounts with different email addresses (usernames) at once in different tabs of the same browser will log you out of the original session.
    • You can be logged in to two accounts at once with two different browsers (e.g. one in Chrome and the other in Firefox) or in an incognito session.
    • You can also have more than one Aha! account under the same email address and switch between them without logging out or back in. 
  • Sometimes it is a browser issue unrelated to Aha! Restarting the browser should address the problem and allow you to log back in. 
  • Enterprise+ plan customers may configure a timeout in Settings > Account > Security and single sign-on > Automatic logout


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