Epic name or description is not updated from Jira to Aha! (integrations 1.0)

This article is related to the 1.0 version of the Jira integration. Initiatives are a two way integration with the 2.0 integration. The reference to the Jira API bug,however, does impact both 1.0 and 2.0 integrations for on premise Jira Server.

In Aha! you can send Initiatives, Features, and Requirements over to Jira -- mapped in the way that makes sense for your engineering organization. We recommend:

Initiative -> Epic

Feature -> Story

Requirement -> Subtask

The process of sending features to Jira creates a link between Aha! and Jira for the Initiative, Feature and Requirement. The Initiative name and description are carried over to Jira, but unlike the features and requirements, the Initiative will not be updated by changes in the Epic in Jira from that point forward. Similarly, any changes to the initiative you make in Aha! will not be reflected in Jira. 

Unfortunately, there is an issue in the Jira API that prevents Aha! from changing the story/epic link after the records are initially created in Jira. 

If work has not already begun, you could remove the link to that feature and resend (the link is found in feature detail. Hover over it and a trash can icon will appear to remove it). 

Note: The API issue also means that if the feature is mapped to an initiative (different than the mapping above) while we can update the description, the name cannot be updated.

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