Custom roadmap

One task that every product manager has to do at some point is to create a roadmap of upcoming functionality. Aha! provides multiple ways to create beautiful roadmaps and then share your roadmaps with your team.

The custom roadmap is the most powerful way to visualize dates in Aha! It allows users to completely customize what is being displayed and then share their custom timeline report with the team through an Aha! presentation.

You can use the custom roadmap to visualize dates for your:

  • Strategic initiatives
  • Products
  • Releases
  • Master features
  • Features
  • Ideas
  • To-dos

You can even visualize the custom date fields that you add to any of those objects.

How it works

The custom roadmap is located under Roadmaps > Roadmaps > Custom. The easiest way to get started is to click the Views dropdown and select Related views. You can also use one of the example roadmaps presented when clicking the Add roadmap button. The related views and example roadmaps cover recommended roadmaps and are a great way to get familiar with how the tool works.

If you are ready to dive in and create your own custom roadmap, simply do the following:

1. Click the Add data icon on the top-left to choose what data you want to visualize on your timeline in the Rows and Cells fields.

2. Choose the Time frame that you want to display. This can be a range of dates by using Duration or a specific date by using Milestone.

3. Add a sort order to your row and cell values by clicking the Sort rows icon and the Sort cells icon. If you customize your roadmap to use compact bars, the sorting will be automatically set for the best visualization.

4. Click Done to apply your settings.

5. Optionally, click the Add filters icon on the top left to filter by different elements. For example, you may want to filter by Product name to only show data items related to a specific product.

6. Use the time control slider and the Set dates dropdown icon to manipulate the granularity of time. You can display years, quarters, months, weeks, or even days of the week on the timeline view. 

7. Customize the color of your timeline by clicking the Customize view icon on the top left of your roadmap. For example, you can visualize releases by product and custom color code each product on the timeline.

You can now save your roadmap and share it with others by adding it to an Aha! presentation.

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