Ideas portal branding

An Aha! ideas portal gives organizations a place to bring customers, employees, and other stakeholders to the innovation table. It gives product managers a way to integrate customer feedback directly into their product roadmap.

Your brand is your identity. When customers use your ideas portal, it should feel like a natural extension of your product and the brand it represents. 

That is why we give you full control over customizing every aspect of your ideas portal, including the branding, email communications, and terminology.

To brand your portal and set customizations, go to Settings > Account > Configure portals. Next, select the name of the portal you wish to edit and then click on the tab you wish to customize.


The settings tab provides the easiest method of customizing the header of your ideas portal. It is also the place where you can define a custom URL.

  • Company name: Any idea-related emails from your portal will have this name in the "From" field.
  • Portal Title: This text will be displayed in bold in the center of the header of your ideas portal.
  • Subtitle: This text will be displayed under the portal title.
  • URL: This is the URL users will use to access your portal. It is in the format of (your custom name)


Single sign-on

Your ideas portal supports single sign-on through the use of either SAML 2.0 or JSON web token (JWT). Either option provides a great way to automatically authenticate your own users into your portal. This is a very useful option if you are utilizing a private ideas portal because it prevents you from having to manually invite users.

IP based access control

Note: Enterprise+ customers should be mindful that, if IP based access control is configured, this can block external users wishing to access the idea portal from outside of the specified IP addresses.

User self-registration

You may enter comma-separated values to allow employees to self-register from specified email domains. For example, "," will allow users with both and email addresses to self-register.

If your employees have email addresses from multiple subdomains, you can match them all with a wildcard. For example, "*" will allow users with email addresses from,, or any other subdomain.

Note: If you only enter *, a user with the email address will not be allowed to self-register. If your employees have emails on both the base domain and on subdomains, you should use multiple comma-separated entries to match them all, e.g. ", *"

Company-specific portal URL

You can change the ideas portal you share with customers from the format to a name on your own company's domain in order to create a unified brand experience.  This customization can be accomplished via a CNAME DNS record.  

Portal branding

The portal branding section allows you to take full control of the look and feel of your portal by adding your own HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can also go here to add your own logo and custom favicon to align the branding of the portal with the branding of your company.

Through advanced portal branding, you can fully customize the HTML of the header and footer as well as add your own custom CSS and JavaScript to the portal. This allows you to to create a header that follows the same theme of your corporate website. It is how we customized our own ideas portal.

Email branding

These are the email notifications sent out to users of the idea portals. You have the ability to add your branding to all email notifications that are sent. You can include your company name in the From field, change the reply-to email address, and even add custom stylesheets.

When an idea is created or the status changes, the email sent out to the user who submitted the idea will have your branding.



You can override the default button names and field names across your portal. After you enter your own custom text and click Save, your terminology will be instantly updated on your ideas portal. There are more than 30 different terminology options you can update. 


You can also change the label "Ideas" to your own terminology so that internal teams evaluating ideas in Aha! reference a custom name on the navigation menu. Learn how to customize terminology.

Portal users

This tab reveals a list of your portal users and details about their portal activity. By hovering over a user's name, additional options will appear under the Actions column. Through these actions, you can edit, unsubscribe, disable, or delete an individual user. Under the More options button, you can export, import, or copy users.


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