Many of our customers use Aha! to manage multiple workspaces and thousands of records. And the reality is that, as your teams, workspaces, and company grow, so does the data in your Aha! account. This is why you need an easy way to find that one idea that got put on the back burner or that long-lost feature. And this is why search is your friend.

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How it works

To search through your Aha! account, click the magnifying glass in the top right of your screen, or use the keyboard shortcut to open the search window. Start typing and Aha! will display the five most relevant results, organized by record type in the dropdown. 


  • If the result you are looking for is in those first five displayed results, click on one to go to the record. 
  • If you don't see the result you are looking for but know which record type you need, click see all by the relevant record type to see results filtered by that type. 
  • If you don't see what you need in the dropdown, click the Search all content... button.


Features > Board searches

Note: Depending on your Aha! implementation or how you have customized your terminology, you may refer to this as the Activities > Board, or something else entirely. 

On the Features > Board page, you have another search option. In addition to the top-level magnifying glass, which will still give you access to your full account-level search, you also have a specific search bar for this page. 


Click on this search bar or use the appropriate keyboard shortcut to start searching through all the features in your backlog. As you type, you will see your features board self-filter to features that include your search term(s) in their Feature name field.


Search all content

When you click Search all content..., you will be taken to the advanced search page. 


Use the filters on the left sidebar to filter your search results by Workspace, then by record type. 


Ideas portal searches

When you search within an ideas portal, you use the same search engine that you use in the Aha! application. Ideas portal searches will search ideas' reference numbers, names, descriptions, and visible custom fields


Search syntax

The following syntax options can be used to optimize your search results.

Prefix search

Appending a * to a word will search for all words that include the prefix. This allows for distinguishing between exact match versus prefix match results.

For example:

Query Result
author* Records containing "author," "authorize," "authorization," "authority," etc
APP-12 Records that match APP-12 only, and not "APP-121," "APP-122," "APP-1231," etc


Combining words

Boolean operators for combining words allow you more control over the outcome of the search results. Boolean operators include AND, OR, and NOT and can be combined with parentheses. 

For example:

Query Result
dashboard OR report Records containing a reference to either "dashboard" or "report" 
dashboard AND report Records containing a reference to both "dashboard" and "report"
dashboard NOT report Records containing a reference "dashboard" but do not contain "report"
(dashboard OR report) editor Records containing a reference to either "dashboard" or "report," but which must also contain a reference to "editor" 

Note: Boolean operators must be in all capital letters.


User mentions

Use @-mentions in your search queries to include Aha! users.

For example:

Query Result
@fred Records where Fred has been @-mentioned


Phrase queries

Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase match. 

For example: 

Query Result
"Q4 2019 Marketing activities roadmap" Records that include the exact phrase "Q4 2019 Marketing activities roadmap" 


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