A field in Aha! not getting sent to Jira

A common question we receive about the JIRA integration is, "Why is ________ not getting sent over to JIRA?" 

This question is especially common with time and story point estimates in Aha!

The answer almost always is that the field we are supposed to send the data to is not visible on the correct Screens in JIRA. 

Screens in JIRA define what fields are available when creating, editing or viewing a feature. Each of those actions can have a different screen assigned and therefor a field can be visible when viewing a feature but not actually be visible when creating/editing the feature. This causes a problem and a lot of confusion because Aha! needs the field visible on create and edit to communicate through the API and the user assumes it is visible because they can see the field when they view the issue.


1. Log in as the same user you used to configure the Aha! -> JIRA integration. Go to Settings -> Projects -> (Select your project) -> Screens

This will let you know what Screens in JIRA are being used for the three operations of a project (Create Issue, Edit Issue, View Issue). Note which screens are being used for both Edit Issue and Create IssueEdit Issue & Create Issue are the operations Aha! uses to update objects in JIRA via the JIRA API. 

2. Edit the screens used by both Edit Issue and Create Issue so the correct fields are visible. Go to Settings -> Issues -> Field Configurations -> Configure.

3. Find the field you want (Ctrl F to search whatever field was displayed as part of your error message). You will see a list of all screens that contain that field. Click the "Screens" link to the right of that list.

4. You will see a list of screens with a Select checkbox next to each. Tick the checkbox for the screen(s) that is used by Edit Issue and Create Issue.  

5. Click Update.

6. Click Create (button at the top) and create a new issue (e.g.: User Story). Verify that the field you edited is now visible in your issue create workflow.

In Aha!

The last step is to update Aha! with the newly available field.

1. In Aha!, go to Settings -> Product and select your JIRA integration.

2. Click Load project data to force Aha! to update available fields.

3. Try sending a feature or release. The data that was previously not showing up should be there!

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