Send the Aha! feature rank to Jira (integrations 1.0)

This support article refers to the historical 1.0 version of the Aha! integration with Jira.

  • If you are using the new 2.0 version of our Jira integration, reference this article.
  • If you are looking for details about field mapping for 2.0, reference this article.

A large number of companies integrate Aha! and Jira to keep product management and engineering teams in sync. It’s critical to keep everyone on the same page, especially when deciding on what the development team is working on. Without knowing which features provide the most business value you can quickly build yourself to nowhere.

By taking a “goal-first” approach in Aha! and then linking those priorities to Jira, you can eliminate uncertainty around what the team should be working on. In Aha! features are prioritized within a release on the Features > Board by dragging and dropping features. The order on the board is captured in Aha! as the Rank value of a feature.

Changing a feature's position on the Features board will trigger an update to Jira. This allows users to re-order features in Aha! and, as a result, update the rank on the corresponding Jira issue.


  1. In Jira go to your Settings > Issues > Custom Fields section and click + Add Custom Field.
  2. Create a new custom field that is the Number Field type. Note: only the Number Field type will work.
  3. Name the field "Aha! Rank" or "Aha! Position". The name needs to be exact and is case sensitive.
  4. Next, go back to Aha! and in your integration configuration for the Jira integration click Load project data. The Load project data action refreshes the fields that are available to integrate with through the API.

The integration will automatically map to the custom field you created in Jira. You are now set up to send the Aha! Rank to Jira!


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