Update features using CSV import

Sometimes, data may need to be updated from another system or from offline work you have done. When there is not a built-in integration to do this for you, we provide an easy way to update all features in Aha! with a simple universal import process.

In our support note, Export Features List and requirements views, we explain how to export data from Aha! to work offline and then update it later using Import from CSV. This process can be used across all key data objects in Aha! There are a few main scenarios where you may want to make updates using the Import from CSV functionality:

  • Working offline while traveling without WiFi.
  • Working in a development system that is integrated with Aha! but does not have an API available to allow automatic updates. Aha! provides two-way integrations whenever possible, but some systems are limited because their APIs do not have webhook support.
  • Working in a system that is not yet integrated with Aha! 

Updating data edited outside Aha!

When first exporting from Aha! ensure that the data object's "Reference ID" is present in your report. Then, include any data that is relevant for the work you are doing offline, or for the system to which you are "sending" this data. Additional data columns can be added by clicking on the "Add columns" button on the top-left of the report.

To make status updates -- all you need are the Reference IDs and the status. If you want to update additional data, simply include it as part of your CSV file. When importing your CSV file, any data in Aha! will be overwritten. For this reason, we strongly recommend that if you are using this process to update from an engineering system, you only include status to avoid inadvertently overwriting data.



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