Configure your integration as a non-admin Jira user (integrations 1.0)

In larger organizations it's unlikely that product managers and others who are setting up the integration with Jira will also have Jira admin privileges. If you configure the integration without an admin account you will get the following error:

"You do not have the Jira Administrator permission required to perform this action"

This article explains how to integrate even if you are not an admin. 

The administrator privilege in Jira is required to create a new custom field called "Aha! Reference". If a Jira administrator manually creates the field first, then the Aha! user can get by with fewer privileges during the integration installation. Since custom fields are global in Jira, the administrator only needs to create this once.

The Jira administrator should follow these instructions:

  1. Create a new custom field in your Jira instance.
  2. The custom field must be a URL type and be named exactly "Aha! Reference" Aha! will use this field to store the link back to the related feature for each issue.
  3. The field should be added to the default screen.

Now, when a product owner creates an integration in Aha!, Aha! will recognize this field when clicking "Load project data" and won’t try (and fail) to recreate it.

Please note that if creation of Jira FixVersions is limited to Jira administrators only, you will also need to ensure your Aha! integration does not try to send releases. In your integration, select "Don't send releases" in this case.

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