Customize terminology

Your team will work best in Aha! if they can work with language that they are used to. 

Instead of releases, for example, your team might have multiple ongoing projects, or perhaps your features are called stories. You might prefer epics to initiatives, or epics to master features.

To customize the terminology for your currently selected product or product line, click the gear icon at the top of your screen to head to Settings > Workspace > Terminology. From there, click Customize terminology.

The names you enter in this menu will be displayed everywhere in the product except the settings screens.

If you are customizing the terminology for a product line, each product in that product line will inherit that same terminology (You can always customize each product individually if you need to.).

Product lines themselves inherit their terminology from the product line Type in Settings > Account > Configure products and marketing workspaces. Edit the Type for a product line there to change how it will be displayed in the top-level navigation buttons in Aha! — but be aware that changing a product line's Type could affect how your hierarchy report is displayed. 

Aha! has the ability to customize much more than terminology.

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