Custom brand your Aha! presentations

Aha! allows you to add your own logo to both the PDF and web presentations. You will need to be an administrator with customization permissions to do this. 

To add your own logo to your Aha! presentations, navigate to your Settings > Account > Profile page. On the profile page, there is an area to add a primary and a secondary logo for use in Aha!

The primary logo is used for adding your logo to both your published web presentations as well as your actual Aha! portal.

The secondary logo is used for branding your PDF presentations with your own logo.

Any logo added should be at least 480x300 pixels with a preferred aspect ratio of 1.6:1. If no logo is added, the default Aha! logo will be used.

The primary logo should have a transparent background — you can define the actual background color within Aha! The secondary logo should be an image that is visible when displayed on a white background because the PDF background itself is white.

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