Import data into Aha!


Once you have defined your product and put together your first roadmap, it is common to want to bring in your backlog to start working with a larger data set in Aha! We make it easy to bring your existing work into Aha! through our various import options.


Import from a CSV

The import from CSV option allows Aha! users to import data into Aha! using our CSV import wizard. This allows you to import:

  • Features
  • Initiatives
  • Releases
  • Ideas
  • Goals
  • Master features
  • Idea portal users
  • Products
  • Users

Simply go through the import wizard, format your CSV as described in the steps and your data will be in Aha! in no time.



Import features from JIRA, Rally or Trello

Our Jira, Rally and Trello integrations support the ability to import data from your development tool directly into Aha! The import requires an active integration to be configured for the product you are importing records to. Once the import is complete the imported records will be active with the integration, allowing updates to flow back and forth between Aha! and your development tool.

The import functionality is located by clicking your name in the top right corner of Aha! and selecting Settings -> Product as shown in the image below. Please follow the instructions provided under each option when importing. 



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