Integrate Aha! with Salesforce

Product managers make the best decisions when they are able to prioritize the roadmap based on what features will have the biggest impact.

The good news is that sales and support teams often know what matters most to customers. By integrating and Aha! you can build the most important features by capturing what customers are asking for and what it will take to win their business. 

The Aha! Salesforce integration enables:

  • Native Salesforce integration for idea submission keeps sales and support in their tool of choice
  • Avoid duplicate requests by auto-lookup of existing ideas
  • Salesforce opportunity value is automatically added to the idea in Aha!
  • If multiple customers request the same feature, each opportunity is a line item and all are summed in Aha!
  • As statuses change for ideas in Aha! Salesforce will be updated automatically.
  • Salesforce triggers can be created to automatically notify Sales and Support team members.
  • Custom reports can be created in Salesforce since this is a native integration.

This integration is offered for free for all Aha! customers and you can have unlimited Sales and Support Salesforce users submit ideas at no additional cost. It will work with Salesforce CRM as well as Service Cloud. Note that to enable this integration, your specific version of Salesforce must have REST API capability.

This article discusses the functionality of the integration. If you are looking for steps for installing and configuring the integration, please read this article.

Link Salesforce opportunities, accounts or cases to Aha! ideas

This integration provides native Salesforce integration for idea submission. This ensures that your Sales and Support teams can stay in the tool they are already working in. By adding a custom section in the Opportunities, Accounts or Cases tab, they can quickly and easily add ideas to Aha! The screenshot below shows the Aha! Request an idea functionality in Salesforce which allows sales and support staff to look up an existing idea in Aha! or submit a new one. There is also a Browse all ideas option that sends the user directly to the ideas portal.

Lookup existing ideas or create new ones to avoid duplication

When a Salesforce user clicks Request an idea, they do a simple search to see if the idea already exists. If it does, they can link their opportunity to it. If it does not yet exist, then they can create a new idea. In both cases, the opportunity's value is added to the idea.

On the Accounts or Cases tabs in Salesforce you can submit ideas in exactly the same way as with Opportunities. The only difference is that Accounts and Cases do not include the monetary value.

View total value of Salesforce opportunities in Aha! Idea

When an Aha! idea is created from Salesforce the value tied to the opportunity is automatically added. If multiple customers request a feature, the opportunity value is summarized so you can easily see the total value of that idea.

As product managers, we all know that sometimes feature priority simply comes down to the monetary value behind the request. The opportunity value makes it easy for product managers to see which ideas will have the largest financial impact.

(Note: the opportunity amount is only updated in the idea upon creation; subsequent updates to the monetary value in Salesforce are not updated in Aha!) 

Salesforce is updated automatically

As work is done in Aha! on an idea, status changes will be automatically updated in Salesforce. Whether it is a sales opportunity or support case, the team will know if the idea has been planned, is in progress or has been shipped.

To get the most out of this integration, we recommend you create Salesforce triggers and reports. Triggers will proactively notify Sales and Support of any status changes. This is important if a customer is waiting for “that one feature” to go live before signing up. Reports will provide insight into the impact of ideas on revenue increase or decrease.


Access all ideas in the idea portal

Salesforce users can view all ideas by clicking on the "Browse all ideas" buttons within the Salesforce user interface. Note that it is not possible to log into the ideas portal directly - access must be via the "Browse all ideas" buttons.

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