Release dependencies

Even in the age of agile development, a release is a cross-functional effort that requires planning and coordinated work. Aha! makes it easy to visualize feature due dates and dependencies to keep everyone on track through the Releases > Gantt page. 

One of the most difficult aspects of roadmap planning is managing feature dependencies. The Releases > Gantt page allows the creation and visualization of dependencies within a single release as well as dependencies spanning across multiple releases — even releases in different products. The Releases > Gantt page is perfect for any team that needs to manage feature delivery dates and complex dependencies that may exist.

Add features

  1. Navigate to Releases > Gantt.
  2. Hover over an expanded release on the left.
  3. Click + New feature or + Existing feature.
    • If you choose + Existing feature, you can multi-select from a listing of available features for that release, and add those features to a specific release phase.
  4. Now the feature displays on the timeline. You can then drag or expand the feature to adjust the dates.
  5. You can also drag and drop a feature vertically to associate it with a release phase.
    • To do this in bulk, we recommend using the bulk edit functionality on the Features > List page. 
    • Features added directly to a release phase in this manner are automatically assigned a Start on and Due on date to match the release phase start and completion dates. This allows features to be displayed on the roadmap where you can subsequently edit the dates as you see fit.

Note: Features require dates to be displayed on the Releases > Gantt page. If you want to manage features without applying dates to the features, you will need to stick to the Features > Board page.

Create a feature dependency

In the same way that you can create and visualize dependencies between release phases, you can create and visualize dependencies between features on the Releases > Gantt page.

  1. Hover over a feature bar and a dot will display to the right.
  2. Click the on the dot, and drag it to another feature within or across releases.


Note: By default, the page will be filtered to only display releases for the current product you are navigated to. Simply edit the Release name filter to add releases from different products if you wish to visualize cross-product dependencies.

Feature capacity estimates

If capacity planning is enabled and you have not already added a feature estimate, adding a feature to the roadmap will add an estimate based on the Start date and Due date of that feature. As you manipulate the dates of the feature, the corresponding estimate will change to reflect the total time the feature spans on the roadmap.

If a capacity estimate has been defined by manually inputting a value, manipulating the feature on the roadmap will not impact the capacity. This allows teams to visualize a feature that may be worked on across multiple days but have an overall capacity impact lower than the duration of calendar days it is expected to be worked on.

To manage the capacity for features your team is working on, try the Capacity report


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