There are two concepts to understand when keeping your team up to date with all the additions and edits within Aha!

  • Watchers are Aha! users who are following a record to see when info is added or updated
  • Notifications are the emails that get sent out to watchers.


Aha! users with appropriate rights can be added to watch at the product, strategy, release, ideas, and feature levels. Look for the Watchers field. The notifications a watcher receives depends on the record type they are watching: 

  • Product line: Will only notify about changes to the product line itself and its strategy. It is the only example where all "children" are not automatically watched.
  • Product: Will notify for all adds and changes across the entire product. This means that any change on product, strategy, releases, ideas, or feature records will lead to a notification email being sent.
  • Vision: Will notify for adds and changes on the strategy Vision page.
  • Model: Will notify for adds and changes on the Models page.
  • Persona: If you are added as a watcher to a specific persona, you will receive notifications for almost any change to that persona.
  • Competitor: If you are added as a watcher to a specific competitor, you will receive notifications for almost any change to that competitor.
  • Goal: Will notify for adds and changes to strategic goals. If added to an individual goal, you will be notified for changes to that goal.
  • Initiative: Will notify for adds and changes to strategic initiatives. If added to an individual initiative, you will be notified for changes to that initiative.
  • Release: (Not the product in which it is contained.) Will notify for adds and changes to releases and features.
  • Idea: If you add yourself as a watcher to the Ideas > Overview page, you will receive notifications for almost any idea-related event. You can alternatively add yourself as a watcher to an individual idea to only receive notifications for that idea.
  • Feature: (Not the product or release in which it is contained.) Will notify for adds and changes to that specific feature. This includes requirements added to that feature.

Note: almost any change you make to a record will notify watchers on that record — almost any, but not all. For example, if you add a watcher to a feature, the other watchers on that feature will not get a notification. 


How you get added automatically

If you are the owner of a product (meaning you originally created it), you will automatically be a watcher at the product level. The same is true for the creator of releases, features, and product notes — the creator automatically becomes a watcher. If you no longer want to watch an object that you created, you can simply click in the Watcher field on the appropriate record and remove yourself. 


When you are adding or editing text on the various record types in Aha!, you can decide when to allow the system to send the email notification. Choose to send it immediately, not at all, or wait and let the system send the notification automatically.

Notifications for shipped releases

Email notifications for shipped releases can be sent to watchers of the release by leaving the Notify release watchers of the shipped release box checked. Notifications will then be sent to watchers of the product that contains the release and the user who updates the release to Shipped status.

Notification for changes to dependent records

Dependencies can be set between records across your Aha! account. To receive notifications for a record that is a dependency of a record you are watching, enable dependency notifications. This is done through Settings > Personal > Notifications and enabling the Receive notifications for dependent records options.

Manage your notifications

You can manage the records you are watching and the timing of notification emails in your notification preferences.

In some cases, you may just wish to stop watching a series of records. If you no longer need to be updated, simply go to Settings > Personal > Notifications preferences and select the Watching tab. You can expand each section of your product hierarchy to see what you are watching and delete the items you no longer want to receive notifications for.


Note: Watchers for ideas are carried over to features when promoted, so those watchers will be added to the feature.

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