Move releases or features from one product to another

This article walks you through the process of moving releases or features from one product to another.

  1. Create a new release in the product that you wish to move the existing release to.
  2. Go to the Features > List view and filter by release. Select the release that you wish to move.
  3. Click on the box in the top left-hand corner. It will select all features on all pages.
  4. Click on Bulk Edit.
  5. Move all features to the new release you created in the correct product by choosing from the dropdown menu, Release.
  6. Delete the old release through its More options menu.

For more help on bulk editing, see "Copy, move, or bulk edit features."

If you only need to move one or a few features to another release and product, this can be done from within the feature drawer page by clicking on the Release value. Choose the desired release for the appropriate product from the dropdown that appears. The feature will continue to retain the original product prefix, but it is now part of the other product and release. 

If you want the features to take on the product prefix of the new product that the features are moved to, you should use the Copy existing release option. After copying the release to the new product, you'll need to delete the features in the original release prior to deleting the release itself. 

Moving across products or product lines — Custom fields and estimates

Before you move features:

  • If you are using custom fields, ensure that the same custom fields exist in the product to which you are moving the features. Otherwise, this data will not transfer. Note: the underlying data still exists, in the event that the feature moves back to the original product.
  • If you are using estimates, ensure that capacity planning is turned on in the new product and you are using the same unit of measurement (time or story points). 

Moving across products or product lines — Integrated development systems

If you have features linked to issues in another system, such as Jira, Pivotal Tracker, Visual Studio TFS Online, Trello, etc., moving those features to a release in another product will sever that link. 

To recreate that link, you will need to resend the feature to your integrated system. This means that a duplicate issue will be created in that system. You should transfer any data or create any dependencies in your development system and then delete the copy. 

Important note for those with multiple Jira integrations (projects) per Aha! product:

When moving features across products or product lines, your Jira link will break. You have three options to re-establish the links.

  • Manually link each feature to the existing Jira issue through the More options menu
  • Archive or delete the Jira issues and resend Aha! features to Jira (recreating the issues)
  • Archive or delete the Aha! features and import from Jira (recreating Aha! features)

For more detailed information please see "Moving Aha! features to a new product broke the link to Jira issues." 

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