Move features, activities, releases, or schedules from one workspace to another

Note: Depending on your workspace type, this article may refer to Aha! record types differently than your team does. 

Products and product strategies evolve, and it may become necessary to move features or releases from one product to another within your Aha! account. 

Move single features

  1. To move one feature at a time, first navigate to the feature itself in Features > Detail. You may have to filter to the appropriate release to find the feature you are looking for. 
  2. On the right-hand side of your screen, you will see a Release field. Click the name of the release to reveal a drop-down menu of all releases in all products to which you have access. 
  3. Select the release and product you want this feature to be a part of, and click outside of the menu. Your feature has now moved. 

Move multiple features

  1. First, make sure you have a place to move your release to. In the destination product, create a new release by clicking the button in the right-hand corner of your screen, then clicking Release. Fill out all appropriate fields, then click the Create release button. Make sure you have selected the right product. 
  2. Navigate to Features > List to generate a list report of all features in your products. You will see filter drop-downs at the top of the report. Filter to the release(s) you want to move. 
  3. In the top left-hand corner of the list report you will see a small grey box (exactly like the grey boxes next to each row of the report). Click that box to select all features in the release. 
  4. Click the Bulk edit features button.
  5. The Bulk edit features modal will appear. You can use this modal to bulk edit many aspects of these features, but in this case, we want to edit the Release drop down. Select the appropriate release under the appropriate product, then click the Apply button. 
  6. Your features have now moved to the new release, leaving behind an empty release that you should likely remove. Navigate to Releases > Gantt to find the release itself. Select it by clicking its bar in the gantt chart view, then click the More options button in the right-hand corner of the release to delete it. For more help on bulk editing, see Copy, move, or bulk edit features.



  1. If you want your features to take on the product prefix of their new product, consider using the Copy existing release option. Just be sure to delete all features in the original release, then the release itself, once your new release is populated to your liking. 
  2. Custom fields on your features will only appear in the new release or new product if the custom fields also exist in that product's layouts or workflows. The data contained in those custom fields will not be erased, but the custom fields will need to be enabled in the destination product for the custom fields to appear. 
  3. Similarly, if you are using capacity planning and estimates in the original product, make sure to enable capacity planning in the destination product — and that it is using the same units of measurement — to see your estimates again. 
  4. If the features you are moving are linked to another system through an Aha! 2.0 integrationcheck out this article on moving linked records.
  5. If you have multiple Jira integrations in one Aha! product, moving features between products might break their link with your Jira projects. You can manually link each feature to its Jira issue analog through the More options menu, delete the Jira issues and re-send the Aha! features to Jira, or delete the Aha! features and re-import the relevant Jira issues to resolve this. For more detailed information please see Moving Aha! features to a new product broke the link to Jira issues.

Move releases

Instead of moving a release (or multiple releases) from one product to another, it is sometimes easier to move the features within one release to a new, empty release you create in another product, as discussed above. The reason for this is that moving releases to another product may cause the release to lose some information:

  • Links to goals which are not available in the new product
  • Links to initiatives which are not available in the new product
  • Custom fields which are not available in the new product
  • Links to integrated records
  • Statuses of the release and linked records if they are not the same in the new product

However, at times you do need to move the release itself. To do so, use the Roadmaps > List report to create a list of your releases, then follow steps in this article on bulk editing records. Click the checkbox by Product to move your release to a different product. 


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