Ideas overview

The Idea Overview dashboard provides Aha! users with real-time summary data about all the ideas that have been submitted. Watchers are notified via email as ideas are submitted and can go to the Overview screen to easily track the status of ideas, the volume of ideas being submitted, and top contributors. 

In addition to the portal, new ideas can also be entered right from within the Aha! account by clicking on + New Idea. You must be an Aha! Reviewer, Contributor or Product Owner to use this method to create new ideas. 

Any Aha! user who wishes to be notified of new ideas may add themselves as watchers under Watched by in the top right corner of the Overview screen. To watch specific ideas, an Aha! user can add themselves as a watcher by clicking on any idea to bring out the idea slider (detail).


Capture the details about an idea

The value and popularity of any idea can be reviewed from the Overview dashboard by clicking on the idea link to bring out the Idea slider. Review the description, custom fields and the number of votes, comments and subscribers. In this view you can also choose whether or not you want to make the idea public, private (visible to employees and partners) or not visible in the portal. 

If you need additional information from the idea contributor you can interact with them by responding directly through Aha! This also ensures that any back-and-forth is recorded for the rest of the team and is available if the idea is promoted to a feature and prioritized for development. You can then enhance the idea by adding additional information like tags and move the idea through your review process using pre-defined status and workflow.

View all ideas in a specific status

Clicking on a status in the Ideas > Overview pie chart or on the status name displayed to the right of the pie chart will direct you to a filtered list of those ideas in the Ideas > List view.


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