Create one ideas portal for all of your workspaces

Note: Depending on your workspace type, this article may refer to Aha! record types differently than your team does. 

When you have multiple products and want a method to gather feedback from internal and external stakeholders, you may only want one Idea portal to keep things simple for folks. You can create one portal and then enable it for all the products so that your portal users only have to bookmark one portal. 

Ideas portals can be customized with your own branding and to capture the type of data you want. For example, you may want constituents to indicate the feature request, why it matters, the product to which it belongs and time frame/urgency. You'd do this by adding custom fields in Aha! for each product to capture the detail you need (see Add custom fields to releases, features, and ideas). Custom fields are set at the product or product line level so each product in your portal can have its own set of custom fields.

When an idea is important enough you may promote it to a feature to any of the other products to which you have rights. 

For help creating a new portal, see Create a submit only, private, or public portal.

For help customizing that portal with your own branding and look and feel, see Customize your portal

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