Use a public ideas portal

A public portal provides an ideas forum that is open to anyone who is given the public URL. Since public portals can be indexed by search engines, it can also help users and prospects find your service. Users still may register one of two ways: by clicking on the Log in/Sign up link or by entering an idea where they will be prompted for an email address. Ideas submitted by users are publicly visible by default. Don't worry, we provide options to filter for spam.

If the portal has been configured to include specific domains, any ideas submitted by users who register with that domain will automatically be marked private. Private ideas are not visible to any users who are not logged in as an employee or partner. To restrict a public portal to specific domains, navigate to Settings > Account > Configure portal, select a portal, and add domains to Employee/Partner emails. Click Update all portal settings to save your changes. 

Public portals are useful for product teams that want to provide a way for anyone to provide feedback but also to encourage voting and discussion to help with prioritization. All users will be able to submit ideas, see what else has been suggested, vote and comment on ideas and follow ideas. By following ideas, a user will be notified when it has been implemented. 

Adding ideas

Once a user logs in, submitting ideas is easy. Simply click Add a New Idea. When a user is done, he or she may also log out of the portal.  

Searching for ideas

As a user types in the idea title, the existing ideas are searched so that if it already exists that user may add a vote. A user may also search before adding a new idea. 

Custom brand your portal

Like any ideas portal, the public portal can be custom-branded and you may use CSS, JavaScript and custom fields to make it look and feel just like your website

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