QA testing in Aha!

Part of the product lifecycle is to test your features for issues before shipping. If you don't already have a way to track defects or feature improvements, you can do so right in Aha! When problems or feature improvements are raised during QA testing, you can track them by using requirements in the existing feature or by creating a new feature. It's your choice, but we generally suggest creating a new feature if the existing feature has more than five development requirements. This will ensure the team isn't confused between development and QA. 

For example, let's say you create a feature called "Ideas Tab," which is then broken up into many requirements. To track testing results, simply create a new feature called "Ideas Tab - QA." Then, log each problem or improvement as its own requirement. Under the More options button within the feature, you can use the Link to feature capability to link the enhancements back to their main feature. 

This is the same process for finding issues during testing — now you can use it for new features.  When all fixes or improvements are implemented, you're ready to ship the release.

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