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Aha! allows teams to capture all of their product information in one place. The ability to report on the data and create custom views of the pages displaying the information is key to many customers. The Views dropdown makes it easy for teams to quickly access dynamically generated related views based on the data they are looking at as well as manage saved views of various pages across Aha!

  • Through Related views, you can instantly generate additional roadmaps, reports, and charts related to the data you are currently viewing. Whether you are viewing a list of your strategic initiatives or assessing upcoming features, we help you by instantly generating the best ways to visualize and analyze that data.
  • Saved views lists your personal and team bookmarks for quickly accessing data or reports that are used on a daily or weekly basis. You can search, filter and sort the saved views to allow teams of all sizes to easily find the views they need.



How it works:

The Views dropdown is located on the top right of nearly every page throughout Aha! and provides access to both the related views and saved views for the page you are navigated to.

Related views are suggested data visualizations based on the data you are currently viewing. They are dynamically generated to help you uncover new insights. For example, if you are on your Strategy > Initiatives page you will be provided with various reports related to initiatives, such as a strategy roadmap or a chart. What is particularly important with related views is that they carry through relevant filters. If the initiatives page you are viewing is filtered to only show initiatives for a certain time frame, that time frame filter will also be applied to the related report you select. This helps ensure that the related views are consistent with what you were previously viewing in Aha!


Once you have accessed and generated new views, you will want to save and share them with your team. Saved views are essentially bookmarks that are created quickly find views that you or your team use on a regular basis. The ability to create and save views is available on the following pages:

  • All of the Roadmap and Analytic report options except the portfolio roadmap
  • Features > List
  • Ideas > List
  • Ideas > Chart

On these pages you will have a Save button on the upper left of the page. Clicking Save opens up a window where you can name the view as well as define sharing options. You can elect to share the view with others by selecting the products or product lines whose users you wish to have access to the view. You can also control whether or not others will be able to edit your saved view.


Your own saved views, as well as the views that other team members have saved and shared with you will be accessible under the View dropdown. In the Saved views section, you can filter to display all views, views you created, or views that your team members shared with you. You can also search through the saved views and sort the views on this screen.




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