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Ideas management in Aha! provides a flexible and powerful built-in notification system so that you no longer have to manually update your idea creators and subscribers. This article details how that notification system works.

There are three types of users on any portal:

  • Public Creator: This user self-registered or was added as a public user for a public portal and created an idea. Any idea they create is public, by default.
  • Employee/Partner Creator: This user self-registered or was added as an Employee/Partner and created an idea. This means any ideas they create are private visible only to other Employee/Partner users. 
  • Aha! user: This user is also an Aha! user, meaning they have access to log into Aha! and will automatically be logged into the Ideas portal. If they create an idea from within Aha!, it is automatically set to private. If they create an idea on a public or private portal (like any other user), it will default to Employee/Partner and only be visible to others who are employees or partners.

When a user creates, votes on or comments on an idea they become subscribers to that idea. Subscribers are notified of important status changes to an idea. When notifications are received the "sender" is your company's portal account name.

When an idea is created by a portal user, they will receive an email acknowledgment thanking them for their submission. Then, on a public or a private idea portal, the user will be notified as the idea progresses through your idea statuses. Similarly, if a portal user votes or comments on an existing idea, they will become subscribers and also be notified of changes to the idea. Ideas portal users can one-click unsubscribe to portal email notifications if they do not want to receive notifications.

If needed, product owners and contributors can change idea creators. This allows product owners and contributors to submit an idea on behalf of a customer or user, then change the creator back to the customer. This is useful for reporting purposes but also ensures that customer or user is subscribed to that idea. 

It is important to understand that not all status changes trigger notifications. Notifications will only be sent to portal users when the status changes to any status which has Show in ideas portal checked in your Idea Workflow. The idea workflow can be customized by going to Settings > Account > Configure status, workflows, and feature types.

In addition to notifications sent based on status, other notifications are triggered based on the portal type and user type. 

This matrix outlines when notifications are sent for each user type. You may choose to have a public, private or submit only portal. If you choose a private portal, no one can access that portal unless they have an email address that matches the email domains you've entered into the configuration, e.g.: would allow to self-register. Public portals allow anyone to self-register, but you can also add email domains to allow a subset of portal users to be classified as Employee/Partner. This means that a public portal can have both types of users.

Public or Private Portal

X = users who receive email if subscribing, watching, or participating

Action Public Creator/Subscriber Employee/Partner Creator/Subscriber Aha! user
You create an idea X X -
You vote on an idea - - -
An Admin response is posted X X X
Aha! user publicly comments X X X
Aha! user privately comments - - X
Private portal/non-Aha! user comments - X X
Public portal/non-Aha! user comments - - X

Submit only portal

A submit only portal allows anyone to submit an idea, but no one can see those ideas published. 

X = users who receive email if subscribing, watching, or participating

Action Portal user Aha! user
You create an idea X -
Vote added to an idea - -
Admin response is posted X X
Aha! user publicly comments X X
Aha! user privately comments - X
Idea submitter comments via email - X
Idea status changes - X

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