Fredwin Software (Demo product)

We have created a fictional company and product (demo product) for you to use as you get started with Aha!

Please note that all trials are fully functional and you can start adding your own products, releases, and features at any time (even after starting with the demo product) by using the big + in the top right, or by clicking on Add my product in the Trial Center.

The demo product will be automatically created for you when you choose any tour in the Trial Center. If you chose not to add the demo product, you can add it at any time by going to Settings -> Account -> Profile and clicking on Create Demo Product.

Here is a description of the demo company and its main product.

Fredwin Cycling is the flagship software product for Fredwin Software. It enables competitive and recreational cyclists to train harder, connect with friends, and enjoy every moment on their bike. It was our first product and enables cycling aficionados to experience what we call social fitness -- connecting and competing with each other via mobile and online apps.

You should take a look at the following to get started:

Product line and product hierarchy
Note the drop down company and product name next to the home icon. This demo company and product has two levels, but you can create as many as you need by having product lines under other products lines. For example, you might to set up a company, product line, product structure.

There are goals and initiatives at both the company and product level. You will also see that initiatives have been set at the product level to roll up to the company level. When you then link initiatives to releases it will create a view like what you see on the Reports -> Roadmaps -> Portfolio screen. This helps you visualize how your releases tie back to your strategy.

You'll also note that you may link initiatives and goals together to show their relationships. However, initiatives can only be linked to goals at the same or higher level in the product hierarchy.

We created a set of ideas at the product level with varying statuses. This is reflected on the Ideas -> Overview dashboard page, where you can view and manage all ideas. You can click on ideas to view descriptions and promote the best ideas to features. Scores have also been added using an Idea scorecard. You can visualize the relative value and effort levels for each Idea on the Ideas -> Chart page.

Use the Ideas section to manage your own ideas. You can also create an Ideas portal to capture ideas from customers and other key stakeholders by clicking Create Ideas portal.

We created four active releases, one shipped releases, and one parking lot release. This is reflected on the Releases -> Overview and the Reports -> Roadmaps -> Releases screens. You can set up your own template (with custom phases and milestones) to use for releases under Settings -> Product -> Release phases and milestones.

Features -> Board

Features have been linked to goals and initiatives. Aha! scores can be added using the Aha! scorecard to highlight the business value of each feature. On the far top left you can shift between looking at the feature cards in the expanded view (default) or a condensed view. Click on a feature to see its details. You can also add more "columns" to the parking lot on the far right.

Master features are also created with an Aha! score, but are turned off by default.  To enable, go to Settings -> Product -> Configure.  Once enabled -- on the far left you can switch between viewing Master features and features on the board.

Features Roadmap

Go to the Reports -> Roadmaps -> Features view and make sure that Fredwin Cycling (Demo) is selected in the product name drop down next to the home icon. This is the most popular roadmap visual and you can check which features you want to highlight and uncheck the features that you don't want to show. Use the Export button in the top right to add the view to a new or existing Notebook. Export -> Add to Notebook allows you to add just about any view in Aha! to a Notebook and then securely share those views with non Aha! users.


The Reports views allow you to manipulate the over 100 data objects in Aha! to create your own custom product management reports and roadmaps. The best way to get started with any of the pages is to use one of the examples provided. These examples will help visually show what can be accomplished with the reporting tools in Aha!

After you have gone through the demo product -- add your own!

Use the big + control on the top right to add your own product and invite your colleagues.

You can also delete or disable the demo company and product by going to Settings -> Account -> Configure product lines and clicking the Delete buttons that appear to the right of the demo product and company.


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