Explore a demo product in Aha!

We created "Fredwin Cycling (Demo)" as a fictitious company for you to use in Aha! as you get started. The example product data gives you a better idea of how the different sections of the application work.

Please note that all trials are fully functional — including the ability to set up integrations. You can start adding your own products, releases, and features at any time (even after starting with the demo product). If you have product plans in another tool, you can import your data into Aha! 

Once you become comfortable with Aha! by using the demo product or creating your own demo product, you can easily delete all demo data and start building your actual product or products with your team. See the end of this article for how to switch from a demo to production environment in your account. 

Below is an overview of the different areas of the demo product:

Product line and product hierarchy

Note the dropdown company and product name next to the home icon. This demo company and product has two levels but you can create as many as you need. For example, you might set up a company, product line, and several products under the product line.



You will find goals and initiatives already set at both the company and product level. You will also see that initiatives have been set at the product level to roll up to the company level. When you link initiatives to releases it creates a portfolio roadmap view. This helps you visualize how your releases tie back to your strategy.

You will also note that you may link initiatives and goals together to show their relationships. However, initiatives can only be linked to goals at the same or higher level in the product hierarchy.



We created a set of ideas at the product level with varying statuses. You can see a list of all the ideas and their statuses on the Ideas > List page. You can click on ideas to view descriptions and promote the best ideas to features. Scores have also been added using an idea scorecard. You can visualize the relative value and effort levels for each idea on the Ideas > Chart page.

From the Ideas > Overview or Ideas > List page, you can add your own ideas by clicking Add idea. You can also create an ideas portal to capture ideas from customers and other key stakeholders.



We created four releases — including three active releases and one shipped release. This is reflected on the Releases > Gantt and the Roadmaps > Releases pages. You can set up your own release template (with custom phases and milestones) under Settings > Product > Release phases and milestones.


Features board

Features have been linked to goals and initiatives. Aha! scores can be added using the Aha! scorecard to highlight the business value of each feature. Click on a feature to see its details. You can organize your backlog items by add as many parking lot "columns" as needed — just click Add Column.

Master features are also created with an Aha! score, but are turned off by default. To enable master features, go to Settings > Product > Configure. Once enabled you can switch between viewing master features and features on the board.


Features roadmap

Go to Roadmaps > Features and make sure that Fredwin Cycling (Demo) is selected in the product name drop down next to the home icon. With this roadmap, you can check which features you want to highlight and uncheck the features that you do not want to show. Select the More options button to add the view to a new or existing presentation. Adding Aha! views to a presentation allows you to securely share your product plans with non-Aha! users.



The Aha! starter roadmap is the easiest way to build a beautiful visual roadmap in minutes. You can quickly get started creating goals, initiatives, releases, and features by simply dragging them onto your roadmap. Everything you add there will be updated throughout the other Aha! views. After you have added data to the starter roadmap, add more details to your features by going to your features board. There, you will see that all releases and features you added to your starter roadmap have also been added to your features board.


In addition to the starter roadmap, reports allow you to manipulate the over 100 data objects in Aha! to create your own custom roadmaps and product management reports.


Once you have explored the demo product to your satisfaction, it may be time to add a product of your own. 

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