Integrate Aha! with Zendesk

Integrating with Zendesk enables your customer support team to take requests via Zendesk and add those requests as new ideas or link them to existing ideas in Aha!

With this integration, statuses of ideas linked to Zendesk support tickets are highlighted— making it easy to communicate how the customer’s request is progressing through your product development lifecycle.

When a Zendesk ticket is linked to an Aha! idea, the customer submitting the ticket can be added as the idea creator and set up as a subscriber. If these options are selected, the customer will automatically receive email notifications of status updates. Integrating with Zendesk often results in a reduction of tickets because customers do not need to actively inquire about the status of their request.

Zendesk agents do not need an Aha! account in order to link tickets to ideas in Aha! or to create new ideas.


To set up the Zendesk integration, you must have:

  • Customization administrator role in Aha! with contributor or product owner permissions for the product(s) that you want your Zendesk agents to submit ideas to.
  • An active idea portal. Note: While you can create the integration even if you do not have an idea portal created, you will get an error saying that the idea could not be created until you have enabled an ideas portal for your product. 

Set up instructions

To install and configure the Aha! app in Zendesk you need to be a Zendesk admin and follow the steps below:

1. Find the Aha! app in the Zendesk marketplaceYou can do this while in Zendesk by clicking on the settings icon and going to APPs > Marketplace > Search for Aha!


2. Install the Aha! app in Zendesk.


3. Configure the app by entering the subdomain for your Aha! account under the App Configuration tab. The subdomain is the part that comes before in the URL when you access Aha!


4. Go to a ticket in Zendesk. Select the Apps button on the top-right to open the sidebar.


5. From the Aha! app in the sidebar, select Authorize this app. Note that the user who initially authorizes the app must also be a Zendesk administrator so that the authentication information can be saved in Zendesk.

6. You will be prompted to log in to Aha! and to authorize Zendesk to access your account.

Once the Aha! app is authorized, it will be enabled for any Zendesk agent without the need for Aha! accounts.

Idea visibility

New ideas created in Aha! through the Zendesk integration automatically default to a visibility level of not visible in portal. However, default visibility settings can be modified for an ideas portal if desired. 

Ideas with a visibility setting of not visible in portal will not be visible to Zendesk agents when using the Link idea feature in Zendesk and performing a search for related ideas. This is by design as a visibility setting of not visible in portal denotes it is an idea that the product manager does not want others outside of the product management team using Aha! to see. 

Additional configuration options

To enable the ability to mark the idea as created by and to add the ticket requester (customer) as a subscriber, Zendesk admins can select Settings > Apps > Manage > Aha > App Configuration. These additional settings include the following options:  

    • Create ideas as ticket requestor: Disabling this will create ideas as the Zendesk agent. 

    • Subscribe idea creator to updates: Disabling this will prevent the idea creator from receiving idea notifications. 


The linked idea requestor email is automatically added as an idea watcher in Aha! to receive status updates through email notifications. This can be disabled within the app configuration settings from Settings > Apps > Manage > Aha > App Configuration.

Re-installing the app

User permissions may need to change in Aha! based on your company's changing needs. For example, perhaps the user who originally authenticated the Aha! app from Zendesk leaves your company or no longer has contributor or product owner access. If this is the case, the integration will stop working. Zendesk agents will be able to search for ideas but when they attempt to link the idea, the process stalls. If this happens, you need to re-authenticate the Zendesk app by following these steps:

  1. Uninstall the Aha! app and re-install it in Zendesk following the steps outlined in this article. You will not lose any existing data through this process.
  2. Authorize the Aha! app from a ticket with credentials that have the correct permissions.


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