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Aha! helps you set brilliant strategy, capture ideas, prioritize features, and create visual roadmaps. You can also assign work, set due dates, and manage your own tasks so you and the team stay on schedule. It is also great for helping you maintain your sanity.

The My work page allows individual users to manage all of the work assigned to them as well as enabling users to view the work that is assigned to others within the account. This is the reason why many Aha! power users set the My work page as their home page through Settings > Personal > Home page.


How it works

The My work page is located under your profile picture on the top-right side of your Aha! navigation. This view allows you to easily see all the work assigned to you across your account, including the due dates and status of each record.

You can click directly on each record from the My work page, which opens up the details of the record and allows for easy editing and updating.


The left side of the screen allows you to navigate between viewing releases, features, to-dos, and ideas.

  • Releases: Monitor the progress of your releases — including the number of master features, features, and requirements that need to be delivered and the percent complete. You can view this information by team member or by workflow status. This allows you to understand if the release is on track and where help might be needed.


  • Features: Records are grouped by release and are sorted by their feature rank, with the highest priority feature (as determined by its order on the feature board) at the top. Select any record to drill into the details and make updates. The features section includes information on master features, features, and requirements.


  • To-dos: Manage your checklist of to-dos and filter them by time frame to see what needs to be done and when. You can see to-dos assigned to you as well as to-dos associated with records you have permission to see. You can also see the status of tasks you have assigned to others and create new ones. This helps you manage cross-functional deliverables and keep your product plans on track.


Tip: Personal to-dos from the My work page can be synced with calendar applications like Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook Calendar

  • Ideas: View a quick list of all ideas assigned to you as well as information on the idea status and number of votes.


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