Manage to-dos; assign features, requirements, and ideas; and track the product team’s work

If you are thinking about the entire customer experience, it becomes clear that you need to track more than the technical work involved in a release. Often times there are cross functional deliverables that need to be managed alongside the development work.

This is where to-dos come into play. To-dos are designed to allow teams in Aha! to assign work to any user in their account. This means that everyone from a product owner to a viewer can be assigned and can complete to-dos.

The My work screen allows individual users to manage all of the work assigned to them as well as enabling users to view the work that is assigned to others within the account. This is the reason why many Aha! power users set the My work screen as their home page through Settings > Personal > Home page.

How it works

The My work screen is located under the Home icon on the top left of your Aha! navigation. This view allows you to see all of the work that you need to complete across to-dos, features, and requirements and when it is due. If you are a team lead or manager it also provides a useful way to switch users to see what work other users have assigned to them through the user picker dropdown on the top left of the page.

The right-hand side of the page displays to-dos. You can display all to-dos assigned to you, to-dos you have assigned to others, as well as a list of all of your completed to-dos. There is also a sort dropdown allowing you to select an order for your to-dos to be displayed in.

The left-hand side allows you to view the features that have been assigned to you. This list will display a feature if the entire feature or a requirement within a feature have been assigned to your user. You can switch between releases to filter the view to work related to a specific release.


Assign features, requirements, and ideas

Features, requirements, and ideas can all be assigned to users by clicking on the username next to Assigned to and then selecting the new user. (There is always a default assignment.) You can also quickly assign yourself to a feature or requirement by clicking the Assign to me link. Assignment of requirements, features, and ideas will trigger an email alert to the assigned user, with a 30-minute delay.


Track progress

In a cross-functional team, there are many activities that need to come together for a successful release or launch. These can all be tracked on the Releases > Overview screen including all of the phases and milestones. Because many phases will be owned by folks other than product managers or engineers on the team they will need to-dos created for them. Click on a phase and add as many to-dos as you need and assign them to the right people. And when you create to-dos within a phase the phase now is automatically shaded based on the number of to-dos that have been completed. This gives you a simple way to see how the team is progressing against key work. See the “Early usability testing” phase that is partially shaded.

When all to-dos have been completed for a phase, a green checkmark will appear to the left of the phase name. 


Assignment of to-dos to multiple people

To-dos have the unique ability to be assigned to multiple individuals. This is great if you wish to have a group within your organization review the design for a new feature or provide feedback on an idea that is being scoped out. Simply create a to-do and add the team as assignees. Each user will be notified of the to-do and individually be able to mark the to-do as complete.



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