Manage To-dos; assign Features, Requirements and ideas; and track the product team’s work

Manage and track the actual work that needs to be completed within Aha! using the "My work" section and leverage the To-dos and Comments sections throughout each level of a release, feature and requirements to ensure cross-team collaboration and visibility. To-dos (which are typically non engineering work) are integrated throughout Aha! to help manage your roadmapping process and progress. 

Here is what to look for in Aha!

“My work” screen
If you are thinking more broadly about the entire customer experience it’s obvious that you need to track all of the technical and non-technical work that needs to be completed — in one place. And you probably want to see what you are on the hook for. Under the home icon, there is a sub tab for My work. This view allows you to see all of the work that you need to complete across To-dos, features and requirements and when it is due. If you are a team lead or manager it also provides a useful way to switch user to see what various members of your team are working on (top right). And remember that throughout Aha! you can only see information related to the products that you have access to.

All To-dos are shown, organized by category, but features and requirements are either shown by release in the summary view or as a complete list (across releases). You can always get to the Feature List view by clicking on the links to the right of the features.

The Summary view displays all features associated with the selected release. 

The List view displays all features organized by release. 


Layout for requirements, To-dos, and comments
Requirements are easy to handle and rearrange, and can be collapsed to provide an at-a-glance view of their status. 


Assign Features, Requirements and ideas

Features, requirements and ideas can all be assigned to users by clicking on the user name next to "Assigned to" and then selecting the new user (there is always a default assignment). You can also quickly assign yourself to a feature or requirement by clicking the "Assign to me" link. Assignment of requirements, features and ideas will trigger an email alert to the assigned user, with a 30 minute delay.

The example below displays a requirement assignment. Requirements often define a significant piece of work and the requirements in a feature might have owners other than the feature owner. In addition, requirements and the requirements owners can be shown on the Feature List and Reports views. You can also see requirements that have been assigned to others on the My Work screen.


Percent complete bars and green completion check marks for release phases
In a cross-functional team there are many activities that need to come together for a successful release or launch. These can all be tracked on the Releases Portfolio screen including all of the phases and milestones. Because many phases will be owned by folks other than product managers or engineers on the team they will need To-dos created for them. Click on a phase and add as many To-dos as you need and assign them to the right people. And when you create To-dos within a phase the phase now is automatically shaded based on the number of To-dos that have been completed. This gives you a simple way to see how the team is progressing against key work. See the “Complete launch checklist” phase that is partially shaded.

When all To-dos have been completed for a phase, a green check mark will appear to the left of the phase name. 


Assignment of To-dos to multiple people

Have you ever wanted to assign one To-dos to multiple folks? For example, you might want multiple members on your product team to provide feedback on your product roadmap or work together on a press calendar. You can assign one To-do to multiple people and track when each person completes it. This makes it easy to manage the “meta” work that needs to happen to build your roadmap and launch product.


You can also see To-dos that you have been assigned and To-dos that you have assigned to others on the home screen. 


It’s clear that customers benefit most when there is transparency and collaboration within the product team. These product management software features help.

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