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Great products are often the result of having a breakthrough plan. Aha! makes it easy to define your strategy by setting product overview, goals, and initiatives for each product and product line. Since initiatives often drive your goals, you can also link these together. Then, to indicate the strategic importance of your team's work, you can link releases and features to initiatives and goals. We call this the "red thread of strategy" and believe that it's essential to the roadmapping process. 

Identify gaps in strategy

Hover over any object on the diagram to find gaps in your strategy. You can see the relationships between your product lines, products, goals, initiatives, and releases all on one screen. This helps you find "orphan" goals or initiatives. 

Share your strategy

This approach to roadmapping helps you create powerful visuals to share with your stakeholders. Under Roadmaps > Diagram, you may visualize and share an unparalleled view of what you plan to develop — and why.

Each layer of the chart represents a different set of data. Start with your products at the core and work out to your releases at the edges. You can zoom in and out, and even filter the screen by your products, goals, initiatives, and releases to get the exact view that you want. When you have the view you want, save it and/or share it with key stakeholders by adding it to an Aha! presentation.

A great roadmap starts with a clear product vision and a canvas that explains how customer and market forces shape the product's direction. That is why you must visualize your strategy and relationships. 

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