Aha! Feature and Requirement mappings for standard JIRA (non-Agile)

Most of the JIRA integration capabilities are similar if you use JIRA Agile or standard JIRA. The main difference is how you map Aha! Features and Requirements to JIRA Agile vs. standard JIRA.

New feature and sub-tasks
This is the recommended configuration.

Feature -> New feature
Requirement -> Sub-task

Requirements will be created as sub-tasks of the main issue for the feature.

New feature
This is most appropriate when requirements are larger, more descriptive (like features), and likely to be broken down further by the engineering team.

Feature -> New feature
Requirement -> New feature

The feature and its requirements will be linked together using feature links. This mapping allows requirements to be easily split from their feature and implemented in different versions.

For help configuring the rest of the JIRA integration, please refer to the Integrating with JIRA document.

For details around the advanced functionality of the JIRA integration, please refer to the Advanced JIRA functionality document.

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