Aha! Initiative, Feature and Requirement mappings for Jira Agile (Greenhopper)

Most of the Jira integration capabilities are similar if you use Jira Agile or just Jira. The primary difference is how you map Aha! Features and Requirements to Jira Agile vs. standard Jira.

There is also an extra functionality -- Jira Agile supports the mapping of Epics. 


Epics, stories, and sub-tasks
This is the recommended configuration for Jira Agile users, as it aligns closest to the Aha! data model

Aha! Jira
Initiative -> Epic
Feature -> Story
Requirement -> Sub-task


An Initiative in Aha! represents a large strategic effort or project that the team is working on. When you link a Feature to the Initiative it drives, that Initiative becomes an Epic. You can link a Feature to an Initiative by clicking the box to the right of the Initiative field on the Feature detail. If you do link Features to Initiatives, you will see color-coded “initiative icons” on the Features -> Board view. This makes it easy to see which Features belong to the same Initiative. And if you float over one, you will see the name of the Initiative in the tool tip.

Note: An Initiative will only send to Jira as an epic when it is linked to a Feature prior to being sent to Jira for the first time. Due to a bug with the Jira API, updates to which Epic a Feature is associated with only work when changed in Aha! originally. If the Epic -> User Story relationship is changed within Jira it will not be updated in Aha!  https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/GHS-10333

Epics and stories (big requirements)
This mapping also applied for Jira Agile. It works best when Epics are completed in one customer release and Requirements are descriptive, complete stories that can stand on their own. In this mapping, the Feature description itself should just be a high level theme or container description (e.g. Internationalization.) It should not specify any functionality details or work.

Aha! Jira
Feature -> Epic
Requirement -> Story


For help configuring the rest of the Jira integration, please refer to the Integrating with Jira document.

For details around the advanced functionality of the Jira integration, please refer to the Advanced Jira functionality document.

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