Products and product lines

Products should be organized around what you deliver to your customers or users. Product lines in Aha! are a way for you to organize your products into families, suites, or groups. Product lines can also represent any level in your organization, such as business units, divisions, and your company. Therefore, a product line can contain other product lines and products.

You must be an Aha! administrator with customization permissions to configure products and product lines.

Setting the right hierarchy is important if you want easy navigation or to set up more sophisticated user permissions — but especially important for rolling up strategy from the product all the way up to company level.

Before configuring products or product lines, we recommend you read through how to add your products in Aha! and review the Aha! data model for product management to ensure you are setting the right hierarchy.

You can start by setting up either products or product lines under Settings > Account > Configure workspaces. You can rearrange your groupings at any time. You can add hierarchy by creating a product line and then selecting which products belong to it. Or you can select a product and choose which product line it belongs to.

You can also create marketing lines and marketing workspaces here. This is useful if your marketing team is a part of your product team or your larger product organization. Check out our support articles for more information on using Aha! with marketing and product teams in the same account here, and using Aha! with your marketing team here

Configure products

  1. Click on the Add drop-down, then Add workspace.
  2. Select the product line to which it belongs (if one exists).
  3. Enter a product name, optional description, and prefix. Then, click Create product.

Configure product lines

  1. Click on the Add drop-down, then Add product line
  2. Select the product line to which it belongs (if one exists).
  3. Enter a name, type, optional description, and prefix.
  4. Add any child products or product lines (if they exist). Then Click Create product line.

Note: Product lines with equivalent types will be grouped on equivalent levels of the hierarchy report. A product line also inherits its terminology in the top level navigation menu from its type.

  • It may be helpful to select consistent type nomenclature across your Aha! account before you start creating product lines (for example, "Company > Division > Subdivision > Product," or "Organization > Team > Group > Product"). You can also edit this field at any time if your account's nomenclature needs to change. 
  • There are situations where you might want to have inconsistent nomenclature in your account — if you want to ensure that no one will be able to accidentally report on one product's initiatives under a different product line's goals, for example. 

Remember that once you create a product hierarchy, you can select which product or product line you are going to work on from the dropdown menu at the top-left of the Aha! navigation. 

This dropdown allows you to expand or collapse product lines, type to search for a specific product, and also saves the three most recent products you have viewed for faster access.


Create your overall product structure

With products and product lines, you will create an overall structure representing your offerings and how they are related to one another for your customers and within your company.

Often your products have technical components, or are part of a bundled or larger solution, or may even be more of a platform of capabilities to benefit the entire portfolio. When you create a product structure that considers these relationships, your roadmaps at every level of detail can be made easily from the day-to-day work that is already being done.

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