Import Trello cards and lists into Aha!

You can import cards and lists directly into Aha! from Trello (you must be an Aha! Product Owner). The import capabilities are important for product management teams that have outgrown Trello and are looking to take advantage of Aha! for more structured product strategy, visual roadmapping, and detailed definition of features and requirements. You can use this new functionality to seed your Aha! account with features and requirements already captured in Trello.

  1. Login to your Trello account and generate an export file by selecting ... Show Menu, ... More, Print and Export, Export as JSON and then save the file that is generated. 
  2. Go to Settings ⚙️> Workspace > Import from Trello. Choose the Aha! product that the features will be added to, and select the Trello file for import.
  3. The import process will confirm the number of Trello cards imported as Aha! features when the import is completed.

Integration capabilities

The following information can be automatically imported from Trello to Aha!

  • Each list in the Trello file will become a parking lot list with the same name
  • Each card becomes a feature
  • All tasks associated with a card become requirements
  • Labels are transferred as tags
  • Attachments are transferred as well

Note: Comments in Trello are not imported into Aha!

The import will take place in the background and may take several minutes or longer depending on the amount of info that needs to be imported. Just be a bit patient if you have lots of cards and lists.


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