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This one-way integration allows you to push your features and requirements from Aha! into Redmine as issues. Redmine is a project management web application that is open source and released under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL).

When you have completed your product roadmap and feature planning in Aha! you can move features into Issues for the engineering team to work on. You can send them individually or in bulk for a sprint or release. This makes it easy for product management to set brilliant product strategy and share visual roadmaps while engineering can continue to work in Redmine.

You may also have a need to create multiple integrations per product in order to accommodate how the engineering team is split up. For example, you may have an overarching product to manage, but there may be 2 teams, one for the front end and one for the backend. This can be done simply by creating multiple integrations within Aha! (make sure you rename them on the top-left to keep the teams straight).

All integrations are configured in Settings -> Product. You need to be a Product Owner in Aha! to set up this integration.


  • One Aha! product is associated with one or more Redmine projects.
  • Individual features can be sent to Redmine using the Actions -> Send to Redmine Issues menu on the features page.
  • When a feature is copied to Redmine one issue will be created for the feature. If the feature has requirements then each requirement will also be sent as an issue.
  • Only the description of a feature or requirement is sent. No to-dos or comments are included.
  • Attachments of a feature or requirement are also sent.
  • Aha! releases will be created as versions in Redmine.
  • After a feature is first sent to Redmine, changes to the name, description and requirements, can also be sent to Redmine using the Actions -> Update Redmine menu on the features page or by sending all features in a release to Redmine again. New requirements will also be created in Redmine, however issues that were created for an existing requirement are not deleted from Redmine if the requirement is deleted from Aha!. If an attachment is deleted in Aha! the corresponding attachment in Redmine is not deleted.


You need to be a Product Owner in Aha! to set up this integration.

Please carefully follow these instructions to ensure that the integration is properly configured.

Create the integration in Aha!

  1. Navigate to the product you want to integrate using your drop down menu next to your home icon.
  2. Click on your name in the top right corner of Aha! and choose Settings -> Product. Click on the + button next to Integrations.
  3. Select Redmine.
  4. Click on the Create Integration button below the instructions.
  5. Enter your Redmine url and the API access key. You can find the API access key for a specific Redmine user by going to user's My account page. The API access key can be revealed on the right-side menu. Click the Test connection button.
  6. After a short delay, you will be able to choose the project the issues will be created for.
  7. Enable the integration.
  8. Test the integration by going to one of your features in Aha! and clicking on the 
    Actions -> Send to Redmine Issues menu on the features page. You should then look at your Redmine project and see that the feature (and any requirements) were properly copied to issues.


To help you troubleshoot an error, we provide the detailed integration logs below. Contact us at if you need further help.

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