Product user permissions

Aha! gives you the ability to set sophisticated user permissions and read/write privileges by product or product line and at the account level.

Note: This support article is intended for accounts that use product as a workspace type. For accounts that use marketing as a workspace type, see this article on marketing user permissions. For accounts that use both product and marketing workspaces, please note that product owners and marketing owners have the same permissions.

User roles

A user's access is granted per product or product line. The primary user roles and permissions are listed below. 

Permission Product owner Contributor Reviewer Viewer
Add and manage users within the product x      
Create new products* x      
Create integrations x      
Customize product settings x      
Add and manage strategy, notes, releases, ideas, and features x x    
Create and manage presentations x x    
Add new features to existing releases x x    
Edit existing features (update status, log time, add attachments, update feature attributes) x x    
Add public comments on ideas   x    
Create and edit ideas from within Aha!** x x x  
Add comments x x x  
Create reports x x x x
Be added as a watcher on records x x x x
View product line strategy, releases, ideas, and features x x x x
Create and complete to-dos x x x x

*New products can be added by product owners using the + icon located on the upper-right side of the toolbar, and can be created anywhere in the product hierarchy that the product owner has visibility. Customization administrator access is required to edit the product hierarchy.

**Reviewers can create ideas and edit only their own ideas.

Administrator roles

Administrator roles give users the ability to edit various account-level settings. It is a secondary user role so that a user can have administrator access to the account while having any level of access (including "None") to the products and product lines within the account.

There are three different administrator access roles:

  • Account: Allows the user to manage account settings such as single sign-on and the account profile.
  • Billing: Allows the user to manage account-level billing and user permissions. Your account must always have at least one billing administrator. You cannot delete or disable your only billing administrator.
  • Customization: Allows the user to manage account-level customizations such as portals, scorecards, and product hierarchy.


Custom roles

Enterprise+ accounts can configure custom administrator roles and custom user roles. Custom roles are ideal when you have users that need specific permissions which are not covered by the pre-configured roles. See this support article for more details on custom roles. 

Products and product lines

If you have a product hierarchy set up in Aha! with at least one product line and a child product, then the following also applies:

A user who has permission for a product automatically gets viewer permission for the product lines that this product is nested under. This allows the user to see the hierarchy and the strategy for the product line.

Note that the user cannot see other products (even the product names) under the product line unless they have explicit permission for it. 

A user with explicit permission at the product-line level will have that permission for all child products. The only exception is if they are given more permission for a specific product. (They cannot be given less permission for a product in that line.)

Users with no permissions

If an Aha! user attempts to view a product to which they have no permissions, they will be presented with a notification page. The page provides an email address of an account administrator at their company who can adjust their product permissions.

Bulk edit user permissions

To bulk edit user permissions, go to Settings > Account > Users. Select the checkbox next to any name. The bulk edit button will appear at the top of the user list.

Export user information to CSV file

Account administrators can export a complete list of users in their account to a CSV file for better visibility and monitoring of the Aha! user community. Go to Settings > Account > Users to find the Export Users button.

Exported values include first name, last name, email, last active, seat in use, whether they have administrator rights, the date the user was added to the account, the email address of the person that added the user, and user roles by product line and product.  

Aha! billing plans

There are three billing plans: Premium, Enterprise, and Enterprise+.

In the Premium plan, you pay for every user no matter their role. In the Enterprise and Enterprise+ plans, you pay only for product owners and contributors. You may add unlimited reviewers, viewers, and users with no permissions. Usually, users with no permissions are added to administer the account. 

Sign up or upgrade your plan under Settings > Account > Billing

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