Manage your personal settings

Personal settings enable you to set a home page and control your weekly product notifications, integration emails, notifications received from watching and participating on records, time zone, and how numbers are displayed (locale).

Home Page

Users can set up their own Home page to serve as the default screen upon login. This is a personal, per user setting where one can select any of the secondary navigation views found under Home, Product, Strategy, Ideas, Features, Reports, and Notebooks. Select your Home page from a drop down list in Settings > Personal > Home page

Upon selecting, a new tab will appear under the Home icon titled "Home" which will take you to the page you selected. The Portfolio, My Work, and History tabs will slide to the right. Please note that Saved Views are not a supported option for the Home page. 


The notification section allows each user to customize their notification preferences

Automatic notifications come from several sources:

Integrations: If you have a two-way integration with a development system, you will get notifications if you are watching items in Aha! and they are updated by the development system, e.g.: the status changes. If you are already watching in the development system, this will lead to double notifications. You may disable notifications related to the integration on this screen.

Watching: Watching refers to when you are added as a watcher on an item in Aha! When you are a watcher, you will automatically be notified of any change to the item or children of the item. Clicking My profile from your name drop-down brings you to a page where you can see everything you are watching. You can click the x next to an entire section or individual objects to remove yourself as a watcher.

Participating: Participating refers to when you are assigned a record or actively participating in the record through a related comment thread. You can be subscribed to a comment thread by adding a comment or another user @ mentioning you. You can click the x next to an entire section of individual objects to unsubscribe from the related comment thread.

Weekly product digest emails: The weekly product emails are summary emails for products you belong to. They give a summary of how many new items were added to the product; the status of the currently scheduled roadmap releases; and the status of active features, ideas, and to-dos within the product.

If you're a product owner, you may control who receives the weekly digest emails under Product > Users. If you are a product team member, you may uncheck yourself to unsubscribe from a specific product's weekly email. 


Time zone and locale

You can control how dates and numbers are presented throughout Aha! via Settings > Personal > Profile.

The Time Zone determines how time stamps will be presented.

The Locale selector determines how dates and numbers are displayed based on the local language. By default, the format will be determined automatically from your browser settings. If you want a different format to be used, simply select it and save.

Please notify us at if you do not see your preferred format available. 


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