Manage your personal settings

Personal settings enable you to set a default home page in Aha! and to adjust how and why Aha! updates you on integration updates, changes to records you are assigned or watch, and set your locale settings such as time zone and number display format. 

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Set your Home page

You can set almost any screen in Aha! as your personal home page. Select your home page from a drop down list in Settings > Personal > Home page. The My Work page will keep you up to date on your tasks, while Notifications allows you to catch up on activity on the records that you are involved with. You can also choose a broader perspective, and start with a gantt view or the chart of your competitors

To access your Home page, click the Home icon on the left hand side of your screen. 



Adjust your notification preferences

Notification preferences allow you to adjust how often you hear about the progress of work in Aha! — and what activities you want to trigger a notification. Notifications can come to you instantly (through Aha!) or by email, and you can set different settings for records that you are watching versus participating in, as well as unsubscribing from a particular product or workspace's updates, or ignoring integration updates. 


If you're a product owner, you may control who receives the weekly summary emails under the Product menu in the navigation bar and selecting Users. If you are a product team member, you may uncheck yourself to unsubscribe from a specific product's weekly email. 



Set your locale

You can control how dates and numbers are presented throughout Aha! via Settings > Personal > Profile.

The Time Zone dropdown determines how time stamps will be presented.

The Locale dropdown determines how dates and numbers are displayed based on the local language. By default, the format will be determined automatically from your browser settings. If you want a different format to be used, simply select it and save.



Please notify us at if you do not see your preferred format available. 


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