Upgrade to a paid account or change your billing plan

Upgrading to a paid Aha! account -- or adding users to your existing account -- is a snap. If you are an Aha! account administrator, you can upgrade at any time using a credit card. If you plan to add 5+ seats on an annual plan, contact us to set up invoicing the same day.

In all cases, when you convert to paid, you keep your account with all the data you added during your trial.

Decide which plan is right for you

You can choose from one of the four plan options. Just note that these plans are binary. For example, you cannot have some users in the Premium plan and others in the Enterprise plan. For full details on pricing plans view our pricing page

Startup pack 
The Startup pack is a special plan for early stage companies and includes access to the same features you get with the Premium plan. Check to see if you qualify for this plan. If you do, Customer Success will provide instructions to sign up. 

Premium plan
With the Premium plan, you pay for all users regardless of their role. This plan is ideal for smaller teams that may only need a few total users in their account. 

Enterprise plan
With the Enterprise plan, you pay slightly more per user, but you only pay for Product Owners and Contributors. Reviewers and Viewers are unlimited and free. The Enterprise plan is ideal for larger or more complex teams. With free Reviewers and Viewers, you can increase collaboration across the organization. This includes allowing stakeholders to comment on your features and plans from within Aha!

Enterprise+ plan
The Enterprise+ plan is the most exclusive service that we offer. It includes advanced security and backup features, ongoing product hierarchy advice, and advanced training. It provides our highest level of service for enterprise customers and large organizations who demand the best. And because we commit significant resources to helping onboard and support Enterprise+ customers, you must remain in this plan if you choose it. In addition to the features in the existing Enterprise plan, Enterprise+ customers also benefit from the following capabilities and white-glove services:

    • Anti-virus scanning
    • IP address access control
    • Account backup and export
    • Advanced product training
    • Concierge service      

Sign up with a credit card

With your plan decided, upgrade by logging in to Aha! and following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings -> Account -> Billing
  2. Choose the plan -- select the annual payment option to get the discounted price
  3. Enter the total number of seats that you will need (count only Product Owners and Contributors for Enterprise-class plans)
  4. Enter your credit card information and submit*

You will not receive a confirmation email or invoice until your trial ends and your credit card is billed.

Important: Under Settings -> Users, make sure the right people have the correct roles. Click on individuals' names if you need to give them different roles.

Changing existing plans

Aha! account Administrators can always add (or remove) paid seats from their account through the Settings -> Billing page. The Billing page will list how many paid seats you have in your account, as well as how many paid seats are currently in use. If you want to add additional seats, update the total number. For example, if you have 5 seats and want to add 3 more, update the total number to 8. 

To upgrade from a Premium plan to an Enterprise plan or a monthly to an annual plan, please reach out to Aha! support at support@aha.io.


If you are signing up for an annual plan with 5 or more users, you have the option to be invoiced instead of using your credit card. Please contact support@aha.io to request this option. You will need to provide Aha! with:

-Company name
-Billing email address
-Billing physical address
-PO# if you need it on the invoice (we do not require it)
-VAT# (for companies operating in the EU only)

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