Ship a release

A release is the date when a company is ready to deliver a new customer experience. All features that are part of a release should have a status which reflects that they are complete. This is because any unfinished features will be moved to another release of your choice.

Note: Will not implement will ship with the release since this status is a resolution. 

You may choose to send an unfinished requirement to another feature, or make it a feature itself. Simply click on the requirement to expand it and select Move to another feature or Convert to feature from the More options menu. 

If you are using Aha! with an engineering integration and have already sent the requirement to that system, this action will not break the link between the engineering system and Aha!

The Ship date will be recorded as the release's Released on date, so that reports can reference both the original and actual release dates for comparison purposes.

Once a release is shipped, you can't modify it. However, you can unship a release through the More options menu on the release's details page if you need to edit the release again. Shipped releases are hidden in a number of views, but in most places, you can still access a shipped release if needed. Shipped releases (and sometimes their features) can be seen or made visible on:

  • Releases > Gantt - Add them via Filter
  • Release > Details - Scroll left through previously shipped releases using the arrow at the top of your screen
  • Features > List - View shipped features 
  • Roadmaps > Features - Add them via Choose Releases 
  • Roadmaps > Pivot - Choose past dates
  • Roadmaps > Portfolio - Visible by default

Shipped release notifications

Automated email notifications for shipped releases can be sent to watchers of the release by leaving the Notify release watchers of the shipped release box checked. Notifications will then be sent to watchers of the product that contains the release and the user who updates the release to Shipped status. 

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